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At American Shower Door we fabricate and temper all of our glass to manufacture your custom order to the highest standards. Special creative patterns in either glass or metal are fabricated with our precision water jet facilities to add value and beauty to your project.

Whether the project is large or small, our design and fabrication departments are here every day to produce a fine custom product.  We are proud of our quick response time for all orders - custom - not more costly - and it will be manufactured to exactly fit your project.

Value added Tekon coating to reduce water spots, ShowerGuard glass, custom carving or sandblasting, specialty laminates or slump are all a part of our service.  We stock many types of glass.  Any special designs you need are generally available to us on a moment's notice to fabricate and deliver.  Some of the common types we stock are:

  1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
Clear glass yes yes yes yes
Low Iron glass yes yes yes yes
Acid etch glass yes yes yes  
Low Iron acid etch yes yes yes  
ShowerGuard glass yes yes yes  
Low Iron ShowerGuard yes yes yes yes
German Antique glass yes yes    
Reed glass yes      
P-62 obscure yes yes    
Rain glass yes (3/16) yes    
Bubbles   yes    
Ice   yes    

To see these patterns we stock and others we have immediately available, the following web sites may be useful.  go to decorative glass - standard and specialty patterns. learn about spot resistant glass.